Concept Selling

This moonstone Castle consist 7 acres of land plotted into 24 units Marketed by the concept selling.

What is concept selling?

The developer, tabbed the land, developed the concept and sell it as a product to the prospective customers.

Advantage of concept selling?

Usual practice makes the project cost higher. Many of us likes such spacious living, only hindrances are price and the non availability. By this concept selling ,it is viable.

What is the advantage for the customer?

Comparatively affordable pricing, feels the appreciation when the project starts itself.

Regarding Legal opinion?

Yes, the project is legally cleared, More over after confirmation from the buyer, all the legal formalities be furnished to their lawyer.

When the registration takes place?

The registration takes only after

  • The land be cleaned.
  • Each buyers unit be earmarked.
  • Legal clearance be accomplished ( from the buyers lawyers).

Is the project has approval?

Yes, it will be approved by the corporation. Once the registration is over, Building plan approval will be processed in the customer name itself.

What about bank loans?

The project is approve by all the nationalized banks.

What the customer wants to do ?

We need only the perspective real dreams confirmations

  1. visit the land location
  2. choose the unit

When the site development starts?

It is a concept selling project, after a minimal bookings or 3 months from the date of pre launch.

Any booking amount for the confirmation?

Yes, Rs.1Lakh as a cheque.

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